1. Players shall book/reserve time slots in advance via phone call or email.
    Archieval Dela Cruz : (02) 8526-1291 (landline) : 0939 244 3887 (smart)
    Ping Ramos : 0917 794 7531 (globe)
    Email :
    This is to allow CIGC to make appropriate preparations in advance as well as lessen personal contact. The Reservations Officer shall furnish copy of
    tee time schedule to the Cashier, Caddie Master, Starter and the Main Gate for reference.
  2. Tee time reservation shall be made at least three (3) days prior schedule of play.
  3. Players who are late for their reserved tee time shall automatically lose their slot. This shall be given to the next player in line.
  4. Players shall bring their own towel.
  5. “NO FACE MASK, NO PLAY” shall be enforced.


  • Players are strongly encouraged to come to CIGC at least 20 minutes prior to their reserved tee time. Those who shall arrive earlier than 20 minutes prior
    to their reserved tee time shall stay in the designated waiting area where strict physical distancing shall be enforced.
    Upon entry, the Main Gate Guard on duty shall:
  • Check the names of all arriving players based on the day’s tee time schedule. If not on the list, guard shall call reservations officer to check if there is still
  • an available slot. Should there be an available slot at the said time, they shall be allowed entry. Otherwise, the guard shall inform them of available slots for the day; and
  • Conduct the temperature check of all players and guests including drivers and other passengers. Persons with normal temperature shall be allowed entry. Persons with high temperature (above 37.5°C) shall be denied entry and advised to seek medical attention immediately; and
  • Request all players and guests including drivers and other passengers to fill up or submit Health Survey Form available online